Sungura singer Lovezh to launch ‘Chikuru Kufema’

Sungura singer Lovezh to launch ‘Chikuru Kufema’Lovezh

Vongai Mbara Arts Correspondent
Rising sungura musician Lovezh – born Lovemore Nherudzo – is set to launch his second album “Chikuru Kufema” this month at East Point (formerly Jazz 105) in Harare.

Performing at the launch will be Progress Chipfumo, Jean Masters, Somandla Ndebele, Josphat Somanje and many more. In an interview, Lovezh said he is thrilled to bring his second album to the people which is based on social commentary.

“In this album, I am encouraging people to live their life to the fullest. Yes sometimes we go through difficult times but we must celebrate being alive. I am very happy with the album and I cannot wait for people to listen to it,” said Lovezh.

The six-track album has songs “Chikuru Kufema”, “Nherera”, “Amai”, “Kana Zvakaoma,”, “Ndopinda Pese Pese” and “Rumbidzwai”. The musician, who was inspired by Sulumani Chimbetu, fronts The Brave Stars band. He said he is ready to fight for his space in sungura.

“Sungura is very diverse and it has a lot of musicians but I am more than ready to fight for my space. I believe competition is good in the music industry because it motivates us musicians to be more creative,” he said. Lovezh has been wowing fans through live shows around the country and he is impressed by the support he has received from fellow musicians.

“So far it has been an amazing journey and people have shown me love. I mostly feel grateful to have fellow musicians like Progress Chipfumo and Jean Masters supporting me. On this album I worked with Mark Gwazi. I am looking forward to working with more musicians in the future,” he said.