Zimbabwe man jailed over brutal rape in Australia

Munyardzi Chenjarai, 23, yesterday pleaded guilty to the attack on the 18-year-old victim at her sister’s house in Sherwood, south-west of the city.

Brisbane’s District Court heard the pair had been among a group of people who had been drinking at the Normanby Hotel on April 28 last year.

Crown prosecutor Simone Bain said the rape occurred after the severely drunk teen had been taken home and put to bed by her sister.

Some time later, the girl’s sister also pulled out a fold-out bed for Chenjarai to stay the night.

Ms Bain said the victim recalled being woken by someone in bed next to her and realised her pants had been removed.

Chenjarai then forced himself on the girl, ignoring her pleas for him to stop.

Hearing cries, the girl’s sister burst into the room to witness the violent attack and ordered Chenjarai out of the house before taking her injured sibling to hospital.

Ms Bain said the girl remembered only "flashes of things" as she was intoxicated on the night of the rape.

She was so traumatised by the incident she declined to make a victim impact statement to the court as she did not want to "re-live the experience" she said.

Judge John Newton said he accepted Chenjarai’s claim that he too had been extremely drunk on the night he committed the office but said the attack was serious and a jail sentence was warranted.

He ordered a conviction be recorded and ordered Chenjarai to be eligible for parole after he serving two years’ jail.