Home Affairs Ministers calls for an end to violence

Addressing journalists in Harare the ministers said they have noted with concern the continued reports of politically motivated violence that was going on around the country since the coming into effect of the inclusive government last month.

"We are aware that prior to the inclusive government, political parties were on each other’s throat but that is now water under the bridge. If the country is to attract any investment we must uphold the rule of law. We want to encourage the people to engage the police whenever they feel aggrieved," said Mutsekwa.

He said reports of politically motivated violence have come from Buhera, Nyanga, Gokwe, Masvingo, Mashonaland East and Central.

"Political leaders should go out and tell their supporters to desist from engaging in violence. The violence that is being reported now is of people who are revenging for what happened to them during the run up to the June 27 presidential run-off," added Mutsekwa.

He also said there was also need to clean the image of the police force which has in the past been sympathetic to President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

"There is the need to correct the image of the police if ever they are to gain the trust of the people. We now know the clear image of the police force and I am sure the people will find the police to be useful this time around," said Mutsekwa.
Mohadi also said there was need for political party leaders to desist from using their supporters to engage in violence.

"We want to urge political leaders to desist from using hate speech and to be responsible. To the people of Zimbabwe we want to say that there are channels that they can use in order to resolve disputes. By engaging in violence the people are putting the law enforcement agents under unnecessary pressure," said Mohadi.

Mutsekwa also urged the people of Zimbabwe to organise and attend to national events in the spirit of unity.

"Before the inclusive government, the general populace tended to view national events as belonging to one political party. Everyone is entitled to take part in the organisation of national events and we want to call upon Zanu PF to accommodate whoever wants to take part," said added Mutsekwa.

He said the people should start to organise for the Independence celebrations, which are held on April 18.

"We should all come out an celebrate the Independence holiday. It is a very important day in the history of this country. National does not relate to one political party," he said.