Zanu PF trying to discredit MDC – Deputy Mayor

In an interview with RadioVOP, Mukorera said the police had quizzed him about where his truck had been driven to when he went to Buhera for the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife, Susan.

"When I was arrested no charges were laid against me. The police only asked me about my truck, which was driven to Buhera by my driver. They asked me whether it had during the funeral proceedings, been moved from where it was parked but I told them that I did not know as I had been busy arranging transport for Manicaland mourners and giving food to the people who attended the funeral.

"What I am seeing right now is that they are bent on tarnishing my party, the MDC-T and my image as the deputy mayor. I think this is a political move," said Mukorera.

Mukorera said ZANU PF was trying to discredit the MDC and make it seem like it is not committed to the inclusive government.

"I think they want to convince SADC that we are not doing the right thing, one of our members had his house burnt in Zimunya, the incident was reported to the police but the incident was never documented or investigated," he said.