Tsvangirai rejects food at the National Heroes Acre

Tsvangirai did not take food which all other leaders at the top table were eating. He was seen nodding his head from side to side, a cultural sign that means no thank you, after being offered a drink by the presidential chef.  

Tsvangirai attended the burial of the late Army General despite utterances which were made by the Service Chiefs last year that they were not going to salute him should he become the country’s President. He was the first one to arrive before the Service Chiefs, Vice Presidents Joseph Msika and Joyce Mujuru as well as President Robert

Mugabe , and got a gun salute from the presidential guard upon his arrival.  

The late Retired Vitalis Zvinavashe is also well known for publicly declaring, on the eve of the 2002 presidential election, that the security chiefs would not back a president who had not participated in Zimbabwe’s war of liberation – a clear reference to MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai.  

The  same utterances  were also made  by the Zimbabwe Prison Commissioner last year a period running to the harmonized  election when he told prison officers that he  was  not going to salute Tsvangirai if  he  wins  the  presidential elections.  

“I will rather retire and go farming if Tsvangirai wins the Presidential ticket, because I have difficulties in saluting a person who did not go to the liberation struggle,” Zimondi was quoted at ZPS headquarters last March. 

The late Retired Vitalis Zvinavashe died last Tuesday at Manyame Military hospital after a long illness.