MDC-M legislators not happy with Mutambara

In a RadioVop interview, Norman Mpofu, a legislator in the MDC-M faction, said: "People are not happy with what happened especially if one looks at the developments that took place after the elections, negotiations were going on and people were not bein:g informed what was happening…They shared the positions without being mandated by the people and they just came back to report on what they had already decided to do."


"People are really really angry over this and this is the reason why they had suggested that he should be recalled. Had it not been for the Global Political Agremment, which people said might be disturbed, he could have been recalled. The national council resolved to hold on to avoid embarrassing the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and creating confusion for Zimbabweans.

"But the statement was very very clear especially if you consider that out of the fve cabinet positions only one member was selected out of the sitting members of parliament and all these candidates did not come from Matabeleland South. People were very clear in their message, they did not mince their words and then Mutambara ended up trying to cool them down by promising them ambassadorship, permanent secretary and other top positions.

Mpofu said members from Matabeleland North, were especially disappointed as they got nothing.

"They are asking why they participated and whether it was all for the benefit of other regions, until these leaders change the way they are running this party its just headed for disaster," he said.

Mutambara, who is a deputy prime minister in the inclusive government, nominated his deputy Gibson Sibanda as Minister of State in his office, Welshman Ncube as Minister of Industry and Commerce, David Coltart as Minister of Education, and Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga as Minister of Regional and International Integration while the only elected lawmaker, Moses Mzila Ndlovu, was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.