Tytan Sikhokho…is he a ‘Sikhokho’ of love or hip hop?

Tytan and Olinda

Tytan and Olinda

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter

WHEN the name Tytan Sikhokho is mentioned, one quickly ruminates of the red-hot romance of two famous lovebirds, Olinda Chapel and Tytan Sikhokho that has headlined social media platforms since it astoundingly took-off last year.

Before the Tytan-Olinda era, people knew Tytan as a promising hip hop star that had made a breakthrough to the music industry with that blockbuster hit featuring songbird Ammara Brown.

Titled Mukoko, the song was nothing but a flawless project that hogged limelight within weeks of its debut and currently boasts a mouthwatering two million views on YouTube.

Despite Tytan being a decent rapper, much attention has been given to his relationship with beautiful Chapel, the ex-wife of Zimbabwean rapper Stunner. It can be argued that the romance has put the Mukoko hit maker in the center of attraction more than his music.

Many Zimbabweans and fans in general will be extensively heartbroken if Olinda and Tytan blocked and left their social media accounts for some time as it is through the platform that the lovebirds have updated their fans with every detail of their relationship.

They post pictures of them every day captioned with romantic and love messages. All this is usually done through their Instagram accounts that boast over 30 000 followers respectively. It`s clear that Sikhokho has managed to keep Chapel`s face happy since her controversial breakup with Stunner judging by the pictures they share on their social media accounts.

Back to Tytan`s music career, the hip hop star has somehow managed to keep on producing hits while sharing his time with his sweetheart. He has released hits that have been successful and decently received by fans.

After that Mukoko hit with Ammara, Sikhokho has dropped decent hits that have over 100 thousands views on YouTube. These include hits like Handirare, Bho and Penge penge which have been accompanied by delectable videos. All the hits that Tytan has produced have shone Tytan`s talent as a musician.

However, his relationship with Chapel seems to be more followed than his music. Day by day, thousands of people are interested in their hot relationship. It is that relationship which Tytan and Olinda pulled out an unimaginable marketing gimmick in a bid to promote Tytan`s trip to Australia where he was set to perform.

Anywhere, it’s not a new precarious strategy in the world that artistes pullout stunts and have staged fights to promote their upcoming projects.

Artistes have staged fights to promote their music and projects; it`s common occurrence that where there are fights, brawls and feuds, people are interested which is the reason so many fake beefs have happened across the world.