MDC Message of condolences to Rt General Vitalis Zvinavashe family

The Retired Army-General is a distinguished son of Zimbabwe who has selflessly and honestly dedicated his life to the service of his country as a freedom fighter, a service chief and a legislator.

The MDC hopes that his dedication, selflessness, conviction and
patriotism will engender the same spirit in all of us at a time when
we have resolved, despite our political differences, to have common purpose and vision to save Zimbabwe.

As a freedom fighter, the Retired Army General wished for freedom for the people of Zimbabwe; freedom for the people to pursue their dreams in an atmosphere bereft of fear and repression; the same values which the people of this great country continue to cherish and respect.

It has been a terrible week for the people of Zimbabwe, with the
Retired Army General’s death coming barely a week before the nation had fully wiped its tears following the tragic death of Amai Susan Tsvangirai in a car accident last Friday.

The MDC mourns with the Zvinavashe family in their moment of grief, calling on them to derive strength and fortitude from his selfless service to his country.

MDC Information and Publicity Department