Zimbabwe, IMF may resume ties

Elliot Mangoma, economic and planning minister, said he met with IMF representatives who are in the country for the next two weeks.

"I met with the representatives from the IMF this morning, telling us what they seek to achieve and us telling them what we seek to achive," Mangoma told AFP.

"It was a very cordial meeting and I don’t see why there shouldn’t be that resumption of relations," he added.

The IMF team is the first to visit Zimbabwe since December 2006, when the southern African country only narrowly avoided expulsion from the organisation.

Since then, the IMF has effectively suspended its dealings with Zimbabwe, but new Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said that restoring ties with global financial bodies is a priority for turning around the economy.

Over the past decade, Zimbabwe’s economy has collapsed with the world’s highest inflation rate, chronic shortages of foreign currency and food, skyrocketing unemployment and widespread hunger.- AFP