Tsvangirai making 'remarkable recovery'

"We understand from the information we are getting from Botswana that the progress in terms of his recovery is quite remarkable and satisfactory," the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) spokesman, Nelson Chamisa, said in a radio interview.

"We are just hoping and praying to God that his life is completely out of danger within the shortest possible time," he said in an interview on SA FM radio.

Tsvangirai was due back in Zimbabwe on Monday to prepare for his wife’s funeral even as controversy swirled over the car crash that killed his wife on Friday.

Chamisa reiterated the MDC’s position to carry out an independent investigation into the collision with a vehicle carrying aid paid for by Britain and the US.

The British government has called the crash a "genuine accident".

While waiting for a police report on the accident, "concomittantly, we are going to proceed to deal with carrying out a thorough investigation", he said.

The party considers the tragedy "an accident until proven otherwise", he added.

Tsvangirai was travelling with his wife when their car was hit by the vehicle. He suffered neck and head injuries in the accident.

His wife, who died at the scene, is to be buried on Wednesday in their rural Buhera hometown. – SAPA