Zimbabwe rights activist Mukoko freed: lawyer

The release of all detained activists had been demanded by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who joined a power-sharing government last month with President Robert Mugabe.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Western countries who hold the key to funding for the reconstruction of Zimbabwe’s economy have also called for the release of detainees.

"She has been released on bail, but remains in hospital for ongoing medical examinations," Mukoko’s lawyer Harrison Nkomo told Reuters. He said other activists were also released on bail.

Most of them are members of Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which has long been the main opposition to Mugabe.

Eight Zimbabwean political activists out of at least 30 facing charges of terrorism have been granted bail after months in prison, their lawyer said on Sunday.

Local rights groups say MDC activists were tortured during their detention.

The MDC has said it wanted everyone detained on political charges freed, including Roy Bennett whose arrest three weeks ago just before he was to be sworn-in as a junior minister in a new power-sharing government is stoking tensions with Mugabe

Bennett was granted bail by the High Court last Tuesday, but the state has appealed against it.