AMHVoices: Time to realise Zim’s full economic potential


24 November 2017, Zimbabwe witnessed the swearin in of a new president, Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa to mark the start of a new era.

By Vanessa Chiwetu

Zimbabweans, tired of former president Robert Mugabe’s 37 year stranglehold on the reins of power, welcomed and jovial crowds thronged the National Sports Stadium to witness this occasion.

I congratulate Mnangagwa for his inauguration as the new president of Zimbabwe.

But I must say, Zimbabweans have high expectations from this political development.

Zimbabweans expect to see transparency, the end of corruption, economic revival and infrastructural development.

This is a new phase where the international community is ready to engage with the new government.

International financial institutions, like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are willing to work with Zimbabwe to restore the economic sanity that Mugabe had destroyed.

Our nation has great potential to grow economically, but it was affected by the ruinous policies of Mugabe regime and the onus is now on Mnangagwa to set things straight and have the nation move forward.

The new government must also ensure there is respect for human rights as this gives the nation the much-needed positive image to the international world.

AMHVoices: Time to realise Zim’s full economic potential : NewsDay Zimbabwe.