Moremi gives ‘her last cent’ for album

JOHANNESBURG — Trying to make a mark in the industry has not been an easy journey for Idols South Africa 2015 runner-up Mmatema Moremi‚ who has revealed that her upcoming album left a gaping hole in her pockets.


The musician spoke of how she hoped her upcoming album sells because she “literally put everything” into it‚ from emotions to finances.

“I opened my company Mmatema Moremi Media Productions‚ that was basically the executive producer of my album. Every cent I have raised have gone towards this project. It was really costly, but worth it. Maybe I just have too much faith. It may even be naive, but I have hope that it will do well‚ the Bible says everything works together for our good,” she said.

The album titled‚ Love‚ Praise & Worship is a mash up of a few genres to cater for everyone.

The singer added that she did music that she loved‚ as opposed to following what people think she was capable of.

“People will always have opinions on what they think is ‘my kind’ of music but I did what I love. I got tired of singing other people’s songs when I know I have a voice. There’s love songs‚ praise, dance songs and worship songs that just bring that intimacy with God moments. It’s really a beautiful album,” she said.

Fans can download the tracks from Google Play and iStore.

Moremi gives ‘her last cent’ for album : NewsDay Zimbabwe.