Noon deadline set by ZANU-PF for Mugabe’s resignation passes

HARARE (Reuters) – A noon deadline by the ruling party for Robert Mugabe to stand down as President of Zimbabwe or face impeachment expired on Monday with no word on the fate of the 93-year-old, who was fired as head of his ZANU-PF party at the weekend, an ignominious end to his 37 years in power.

Proceeds to impeach the president could begin when parliament meets on Monday.

Confusion reigns in Zimbabwe after a deadline imposed on Robert Mugabe passed without his resignation.

Mugabe’s own party, Zanu-PF, had said it would nimpeach the embattled leader if he did not resign by 12pm local time (10am GMT) on Monday. The deadline has now passed, with no official word on Mugabe’s resignation or impeachment.

However Parliament could start the impeachment proceedings as soon as it meets in Harare later today.

Mugabe has already been stripped of the party leadership, and gave a speech over the weekend in which he made clear he would not resign.

The crisis faced by Mugabe began two weeks after he sacked his former deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, which army commanders saw as an attempt to install his wife Grace as the next president of Zimbabwe.

Last week, the army intervened by taking control of Harare in what was called a “coup in all but name.”

Meanwhile there have been street rallies, with a number of demonstrators like the country’s influential war veterans demanding Mugabe’s resignation.