‘Grace heckler threat to Harare rally’


THE State yesterday claimed that Zanu PF’s former youth leader, Magura Charumbira, who is alleged to have led the group of party youths that booed First Lady Grace Mugabe during an interface rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo, be remanded in custody because his life was under threat and was likely to disrupt the Harare rally if granted bail.


Charumbira, represented by Christopher Dube Banda and Tanaka Muganyi, yesterday appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sharon Rosemani after he handed himself at Bulawayo Central Police Station on Monday.

State counsel Jeremiah Mutsindikwa said Charumbira had two pending court cases and he had violated bail conditions in one of the cases since the time he disappeared following the alleged commission of the recent offence.

“The accused has pending cases at the court which are for public violence CRB1071/17, CRB1185/17 and 1365/17,” Mutsindikwa said.

“Most of these cases were committed at the party’s offices Davis Hall, where he is alleged to have assaulted members and damaged property. In one of the cases, he is accused of undermining the authority of the President in which he was given bail conditions that he has since violated.”
Mutsindikwa said Charumbira would abscond if granted bail as he has been on the run since November 4.

“There is also fear by the State for his safety as investigating officer said fellow Zanu PF youths were angry at him over his conduct and might mete instant justice on him if granted bail,” Mutsindikwa said.

Investigating officer Detective Assistant Inspector Zibusiso Moyo buttressed the State’s submission, saying Charumbira was likely to be attacked by fellow party youths.

“If granted bail, the accused, who has continued to commit more offences when he has pending cases, had the audacity to commit more crimes,” Moyo said.

“This current offence was committed at an interface rally in Bulawayo and there is still one more rally to be held in Harare. Accused is likely to attend the rally and disturb the proceedings since his objective was not achieved here.”

But during cross-examination, Muganyi crushed the assumptions proffered by the State as reasons to deny Charumbira bail, saying all were based on speculation which could not be proven even by those who made them.

“You agree with me that accused is presumed innocent at this moment?” Muganyi asked to which Moyo concurred.

Muganyi asked Moyo as to why he did not arrest the youths who threatened Charumbira with violence.

Moyo, however, said the culprits had not been arrested since they could not be identified.

Allegations were that Charumbira led a group of youths, among them, Mabutho Lucky Moyo (32), Mayibongwe Evans Zvigadza (28), Walter Sibanda (24) and Dephine Dzvange (33) to boo Grace during Zanu PF youth interface rally at White City Stadium on November 4.