No payment plan, no exams, NUST students told


THE National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has urged students in arrears to engage the university and arrange payment plans as end of semester examinations approach, Southern Eye has learnt.


NUST director of communication and marketing Felix Moyo said students without payment plans will not sit for exams.

“We have a system of payment plans, whereby students liaise with the bursar and come up with ways on how they will pay their debts. We have told students to do so, so that come exam time issues of fees payments have been cleared,” he said.

“We know parents are struggling to pay fees in full and we cannot stop students from writing exams, hence, the need for them to make sure they have payment plans, stating the arrangements made for paying the balances.”

Moyo said the university does not anticipate problems with a number of students who are on payment plans as they have adhered to the agreement to date.

“This semester our student enrolment stands at 9 014 and 1 926 of those are on payment plans, and to date, we have not had problems with them, they have not broken the agreement,” he failed.

“However, we are worried about those who are still not registered who will pitch up at the examination rooms and try to forge negotiations there, this year we will not be lenient, we will not allow them to disrupt the exam process.”

According NUST vice-chancellor’s 2016 report, 49% of the cases of students with challenges attended to by the chaplain’s office were of non-payment of fees.

“The number of students approaching the chaplain’s office for financial assistance to cover tuition continued to soar,” the report read.