Residents demand end to erratic water supplies

HUNDREDS of Harare’s Glen Norah residents yesterday stormed council’s district offices demanding an end to erratic water supplies in the high-density suburb.


The residents, led by the Combined Harare Residents’ Association and Harare Residents’ Alliance, later handed in a petition demanding council to disengage Wellcash debt collectors and credit all the money they had paid through Wellcash to their accounts.

“All money paid through Wellcash debt collectors should be subtracted from the consumer accounts without prejudicing consumers through a 10% illegal collection reflected on Wellcash letters of demand,” the residents said in the petition.

“Testing [of Harare water] should be done regularly at household level, not Morton Jaffrey Water Treatment plant.”
But mayor Bernard Manyenyeni said he would only comment after receiving a copy of the petition.

“I haven’t seen the petition yet. I will have to read it first and then give a proper comment,” he said.

The residents were also protesting against council’s proposal to hike water charges in its 2018 budget.

“Review the 2018 budget proposal and reduce water tariffs to levels that are economical and ensure accessibility of potable water, and increase the allocation on water in the 2018 budget beyond the paltry 5% provided.”

The residents also said that council should uphold proper maintenance of the natural water infrastructure by protecting wetlands, avoiding discharge of raw sewage and industrial waste, as well as proper maintenance of catchment and river systems in Harare.

“This will reduce the $2,5 million water purification costs and ensure affordability of potable water.”

Residents demand end to erratic water supplies : NewsDay Zimbabwe.