25 MDC-T activists left homeless


AT least 25 suspected MDC-T activists were reportedly left homeless last week after they were evicted from Claverhill North Farm in Bindura last week to pave way for Zanu PF senator Damian Mumvuri.


The families said they were dumped by the roadside without proper shelter. They claimed they had nowhere to go as they had stayed on the farm since the launch of the fast-track land reform programme in 2000.

Mumvuri yesterday declined to comment over the matter.

“I have no comment. You can talk to my lawyer,” he said.

The families said they were desperately looking for alternative accommodation as they risk losing their property to the rains.
“We have been staying in the open for some days now. We were evicted by the senator.

“Some of us support the opposition MDC-T and for some time he has been trying to remove us from the farm,” said one of the affected villagers.

“There are some elderly people among us who have been at the farm for quite a long time and they cannot stand the challenges of looking for alternative places to stay. We were served with letters to vacate but we reported the matter to human rights organisations who, up to now, haven’t come back to us.

“We want to go back to our place or else the government must find alternative places for us to stay. We are already in the rain season and it is not possible for us to continue staying in this hostile condition,” said another villager.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu, confirmed the incident which he described as unfortunate.

“This very unfortunate development has since been brought to the attention of our party. The relevant department of our party is now firmly seized with this matter in order to protect the interests of the evictees, who are our party cadres,” he said.

“Of course, we shall be pursuing legal action to ensure that our cadres are reinstated to their homes. We will never ever give in to Zanu PF politicians’ unlawful acts of cruelty and vindictiveness.”

25 MDC-T activists left homeless : NewsDay Zimbabwe.