Nichrut staying in Shurugwi

NEWLY-PROMOTED Castle Lager Premier Soccer League side Nichrut want to avoid shifting base and will upgrade Peak Mine stadium in Shurugwi which they hope to use as their home ground in the topflight.


After they gained promotion at the weekend there were fears that the team would have to move to Gweru since there is no stadium in the small town that meets the topflight standards, but its financiers have vowed to make sure that Shurugwi enjoys PSL action.
Club Owner Nicholas Gara, who is into gold mining, told the NewsDaySport that he loved the game so much that he would do whatever it takes for the team to stay in Shurugwi.

“I love football and I will ensure that all goes well for my club, “said Gara. “Nichrut is Shurugwi and the games will be played in Shurugwi and that has always been our long-term goal. We are going to map the way forward and address all these issues and I know that the club needs a lot of money for it to play in the premiership but I will do everything I can to ensure that the club remains financially afloat and not struggle as we have witnessed with other teams in the Premier League. And we need to play at our home ground here in Shurugwi at Peak Stadium. We are dedicated to bringing home what Shurugwi residents missed.”

He has already made plans to renovate Peak Mine Stadium to meet the minimum standards to host topflight football.

“I will facilitate the renovation of the Peak Mine Stadium and hope to meet the required standards.”

Assistant coach Munorwei Massa believes his boss will ensure his team plays in Shurugwi in front of their home fans.

“It’s difficult but God willing I believe our boss will succeed in bring Premier Soccer League football to Shurugwi. We want to play our home games at Peak stadium which is our real home which I think is the best for our team’s morale, “said Massa.

Nichrut will become the first team from the small mining town to play in the topflight. The club, which is funded solely from Gara’s pocket, was established in 2015 following the collapse of Todal Mine FC.

Todal Mine FC lost sponsorship and the mine handed the team over to the Shurugwi comminuty which gave birth to Nichrut.

The club derives its name from a combination of Gara’s first name Nicholas and his wife’s first name Ruth.

While the club is new to the topflight, they already boast a lot of topflight experience with former Chapungu coach John Nyikadzino heading the technical team while they have among others former Caps United defender Asani Nhongo, the ex-Dynamos duo of Farai Vimisayi and Jacob Mzokomba, as well as David Boriondo who was with Hwange and Vimbai Madamombe.

Nichrut staying in Shurugwi : NewsDay Zimbabwe.