Tanzania-based Warriors star in trouble


WARRIORS forward Donald Ngoma could be in trouble with his Tanzanian club Young Africans after going AWOL.


Reports from Tanzania suggested that Young Africans are going to take action against him, after he didn’t report for duty.

Ngoma is out of action after picking an injury and has missed five matches for his side since the Premier League season kicked off.

He reportedly returned home last week without informing his club.

The club’s information officer, Dismas is quoted saying his club is surprised by reports that Ngoma left the country without permission.

He said the behaviour showed a lack of discipline.

“We have heard that he has left, to go to Zimbabwe but we have no information because he did not communicate with us. If the reports are true, then we will be disappointed and we will obviously take action,” Dismas said.

An unnamed source within the club hierarchy said they are ready to axe the player for indiscipline.

“He thinks he is bigger than the club. He feels like God in the club and can do what he wants. For example right now he is in Zimbabwe, he left without informing us but he will want to get paid at the end of the month. Who would want to keep a player like that?”

Ngoma joined Young Africans in 2015, where he became an instant hero after his goals helped the team to win the league.