Monyane puts haters in their place with brutal clapback

JOHANNESBURG — Actress Mona Monyane has never been one to hold her tongue when challenged and the Kalushi star certainly let her haters have it, when she took to Instagram this week to get some things off her chest.

Times Live

In a series of videos, the star said that she was tired of people getting touched by her tweets and coming for her.

“I am a mother. I don’t have time to fight with grown people on Twitter. When someone tweets something, why do you feel the need to take that tweet and make it insult you? Did I tag you? Do I even know you? Do I know where I came from? (You’re) out here asking did I buy your television? Did you buy my data? Did you buy my phone?” she asked.

The videos come just four months after she used the platform to slam trolls who criticised her for being pregnant, so soon after giving birth to her first child late last year.

She responded to the hate by telling people it was her body and she could do whatever she liked with it.

Monyane puts haters in their place with brutal clapback : NewsDay Zimbabwe.