Roy Bennet: Mutare MDC suppoters besiege police station

Police have charged Roy Bennett with attempting to leave the country illegally. However they keep back tracking and are incoherently inconsistent on what they intend to do and charge him with. Clearly desperate and clucthing at straws.

Three lawyers are now in attendance to represent Roy Bennett.

Police are firing live ammunition in the air and have brought dogs in an attempt to disperse hundreds of MDC supporters that had surrounded Matare police station in support and demanding the release of Roy Bennett. Police intend to remove Roy Bennett from the police station to a place they have refused to disclose.

The two vehicles that were used by the police to carry Roy Bennett from Prince Charles airport to Marondera and to Mutare police station are back at Mutare police station, this time without registration plates.

MDC Treasurer General, and Deputy Minister of Agriculture designate, Roy Bennett is now in Mutare at Mutare police station.

Police attempted to take Roy Bennett to an inaccessible rural police station. About 200 MDC Manicaland Provincial Executive and members barricaded the road and demanded the release of Roy Bennett. Lawyer representing Roy Bennett Mr. Trust Maanda negotiated with the MDC members and police returned to Mutare police station. The police station is surrounded by heavily armed police police.

Police have denied Mr. Maanda access to Roy Bennett insisting that they want to interrogate him alone.

MDC Mayor for Mutare Brian James is also at the police station.

Roy Bennett was drive to Mutare. Apparently his movements are being monitored by MDC supporters and the general public. We’ve been told that crowd is growing in Mutare – we assume at the police station.