Cold blood murder


Cletus Mushanawani News Editor —
A MUTARE man who had deserted his family for close to 25 years before coming back recently allegedly slit open his wife’s throat on Friday night and disappeared.

A manhunt has since been launched for Elisha Murimba (54) of House Number 7280, New Bordervale, Mutare who allegedly murdered his wife, Victoria Murimba (46) in cold blood.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda, confirmed the murder and appealed for information leading to the arrest of Murimba.

Murimba who is reported to have left a note claiming that his wife was seeing other men during his absence, is alleged to have fled his matrimonial home with a mistress and resettled in the Diaspora 25 years ago.

A source close to the family said Murimba and his girlfriend whose identity was not disclosed left the country for the United States of America via Australia.

However, it is alleged that things didn’t work out for the couple and Murimba relocated to South Africa where he was staying until he came back to Zimbabwe.

“The family was preparing to host their father’s welcome bash when the murder was committed. It is so sad that a welcome back bask ended in tragedy,” said the source.

Asst Insp Chananda said: “Our preliminary investigations showed that Victoria and Elisha retired to bed at around 8pm on Friday night.

“The couple’s daughter said her mother came to her bedroom around the same time and told her that she wanted to spend the night in the room with her. We are told that she later changed her mind and went back to the main bedroom where Elisha was sleeping.”

He said it was the last time the daughter saw her mother alive.

“The following morning, the couple did not emerge from the bedroom until around 11am when the daughter decided to make a follow-up.”

‘When the daughter opened the door she realised that her mother was still in bed. When she opened the blankets that is when she saw her body lying in a pool of blood. Her mother’s throat was slit open with an unknown object. She raised alarm and neighbours rushed to the scene. Their father had long vanished,” said Asst Insp Chananda.

The shocking murder has since gone viral on the social media with people calling for the arrest of Elisha.