Tsvangirai takes State Secutiry bodyguards

As Tsvangirai addressed thousands of supporters in Harare hours after being inaugurated at State House, the four bodyguards, who have formed part of President Robert Mugabe’s close security in the past, stood beside him.

A well informed source from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party said the four bodyguards were offered to him soon after the inauguration and will complement his existing team.

The move however did not go down well with Tsvangirai’s long time bodyguards who had guarded him over the past 10 years and feel they are being sidelined.

“We are happy with the security but as you know the move will have its own victims. Some youngsters who had been guarding Tsvangirai are now being sidelined,” said one of the MDC security personnel who could not be named for security reasons.

Tsvangirai said the formation of the transitional government would deliver to the nation a new political dispensation that will bring an end to all the crises that are bedeviling the nation.

“For too long, our people’s hopes for a bright and prosperous future have been betrayed. Instead of hope, their days have been filled with starvation, disease and fear. A culture of entitlement and impunity has brought our nation to the brink of a dark abyss. This must end today,” said Tsvangirai to wild appreciation from the 25000 plus supporters.

Tsvangirai also told the supporters that as Prime Minister that he will make sure that every civil servant is paid in foreign currency.

“As Prime Minister I make this commitment that, as from the end of this month, our professionals in the civil service, every health worker, teacher, soldier and policeman will receive their pay in foreign currency until we are able to stabilize the economy. These hard currency salaries will enable people to go to work, to feed their families and to survive until such aS time that we can begin to sustain ourselves as a country,” declared Tsvangirai.

The Prime Minister also undertook to have all the detained political detainees released as a matter of urgency.