The warning has come at a time the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH) had threatened yesterday not to beam live Tsvangirai’s inauguration as Prime Minister arguing that their microwave link had a serious technical fault. They said they could only bring the delayed telecast of the event.

It has emerged today that they borrowed snippets of the event from SABC and even the voice over was of an SABC journo. The inauguration of deputy prime minister Thokozani Khupe had glitches and was eventually cut short on television.

Addressing a throng of party supporters who had gathered from all provinces of Zimbabwe to hear the vision of a new Zimbabwe from the MDC leader cum-Prime Minister, Tsvangirai said in his new role he does not want to promote polarisation of the society.

“The brands of MDC and ZANU PF should end at party level… For the nation to heal, the wrongs of the past must be buried and we move on as a united people,” he said.

The state media in Zimbabwe has been specialists in name-calling Tsvangirai with glitter generality and at times denying him coverage as the information apparatus, especially the electronic media where it is only a preserve of ZANU PF and Robert Mugabe.

A ZBH source has further confirmed that although they had to run around and at least give a live coverage to the swearing in ceremony courtesy of SABC, there is a major crisis of policy direction within the upper structures of the Pockets Hill based parastatal.

He further said that he does not believe that the microwave link had a fault per se but the Chief Executive Officer Happisson Muchechetere that is a perennial enemy of Tsvangirai was generally not happy with the coverage of the event.

He feared that Mugabe would be exposed by Tsvangirai’s popularity.

Muchechetere switched off his mobile phone when Zimbabwe Telegraph tried to contact him for comment.

The ministry of media and information has been allocated to ZANU PF but a minister will be reporting to Tsvangirai in the final analysis.

During his address at Glamis stadium, the Prime Minister has promised a radical approach for Zimbabwe to rise again. He said, “Iyezvino hapana chirimuno MuZimbabwe (Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs).

Heads of most state institutions are jittery as they fear that the prime minister might want to cut ranks with most, if not all of them on the grounds that they might sabotage his recovery plan.

Meanwhile political commentators and critics have said that in life, never say never. Mugabe never thought one day Tsvangirai would rise in a crescendo style the ladder of political governance and now they are sitting side by side*  Zimtelegraph