What if Stevie had decided otherwise?


    STEVEN GERRARDLONDON. — With Steven Gerrard on his way out of Liverpool, the world and his wife have quite naturally opted to look back at his time with the club (even if some of us have been tweeting Hulk Hogan instead).

    But have you ever considered how different his career might have been if he had made some slightly different decisions?

    The Liverpool skipper’s football life has featured several notable forks in the road.

    Below, we have imagined how his career might have gone if he’d made a different choice at those points.

    Prepare to enter a series of parallel universe. . .

    Decision 1: He chooses to go to Chelsea

    August 2005

    Jose Mourinho cracks the Frank Lampard-Steven Gerrard combination conundrum, with the startling tactical revelation that most teams have room for two central mid-fielders.

    October 2005

    Gerrard misses Chelsea vs Liverpool with a mysterious “tight hamstring”.

    January 2006

    At the mid-point of the season, Lampard and Gerrard have a combined 34 goals, 56 assists and five joint player of the month awards.

    March 2006

    Gerrard misses Liverpool vs Chelsea with a mysterious “tight groin”.

    May 2006

    Chelsea win the Premier League, Champions League, League Cup, FA Cup, the Grand National and Eurovision.

    June 2006

    Inspired by the Lampard-Gerrard midfield axis, England win the World Cup. Gerrard is knighted on his return.

    August 2006

    On the first day of the season, Chelsea face Liverpool. Jose Mourinho is seen visibly dragging Sir Steven onto the pitch. Sir Steven scores the winner late on. Not only does he refuse to celebrate, but he bursts into tears and punches John Terry in the face.

    August 2006

    Gerrard retires from all football, citing stress and personal anguish.

    Decision 2: He opts against taking on THAT shot against Olympiakos

    December 2004

    A 2-1 victory against Olympiakos is not enough for Liverpool, who crash out of the Champions League at the group stage.

    May 2005

    A second half of the season slump sees Liverpool finish 10th and Rafa Benitez leaves the club. Charlton’s Alan Curbishley turns down the England job to become Liverpool manager. Liverpool fans unanimously declare this the turning point in returning the club to the top.

    August 2005

    Liverpool’s first line-up of the season sees big summer signing Scott Parker in the team ahead of Steven Gerrard. The £25m purchase from Chelsea “offers us a bit more energy” says Curbishley.

    May 2006

    Liverpool finish 16th.

    June 2006

    Man United make an offer for Steven Gerrard, which is accepted. On the same day, Sir Alex Ferguson is seen laughing hysterically and rubbing his hands together menacingly.

    September 2006

    After being kept on the bench for the first four games of the season, Gerrard is suddenly brought into the team for a game against Liverpool. He scores.

    Not only does he refuse to celebrate, but he bursts into tears and punches Gary Neville in the face.

    September 2006

    Gerrard retires from all football, citing stress and personal anguish.

    Decision 3: He chooses the boots with longer studs for the Chelsea game

    What if… he’d worn longer studs against Chelsea?

    April 2014

    After sneaking a late 1-0 win over Chelsea – a game in which Steven Gerrard didn’t make a single slip up – Liverpool go six points clear at the top of the table.

    May 2014

    Liverpool clinch their first league title in 24 years. Oddly, Gerrard takes a tumble while stepping onto the podium to receive the Premier League trophy. Luckily, no one notices.

    June 2014

    Inspired by his success with Liverpool, Gerrard goes to the World Cup in the form of his life and plays like a man possessed. He win Golden Boot, Golden Ball. . . and lifts the trophy for England.

    July 2014

    Gerrard is proclaimed a national hero.

    Liverpool bow to public pressure, boot out Brendan Rodgers and make Gerrard player-manager instead.

    August 2014

    Jealous of Gerrard’s success, Luis Suarez reacts to having the limelight stolen by biting his new boss during a training ground five-a-side. Gerrard bursts into tears and punches the Uruguayan in the face.

    August 2014

    Gerrard retires from all football, citing stress and personal anguish. — Mirror.