MDC on course to bring change – Chaora

He told the South West District Assembly at the weekend at Reading that as far as the party’s agenda, direction and objectives are concerned we are on course.

The decision to join the government was guided by the suffering masses of Zimbabwe.

“The people of Zimbabwe have suffered hence a response was needed. I appeal to everyone who believes in democracy to stand up and defend the values of the party.

“We now need unity of purpose and rally behind our leadership. This is not the end of the struggle but it’s a transitional period towards achieving our goal, hence we now need to strengthen our support base in preparation for free and fair elections.”

Speakers made parallels with the Kenyan scenario and members and members were given enough time to ask questions with regards to the recent political settlement, which is still unfolding.

An executive member of the the district, Christopher Dzikiti, has now taken the post of portfolio Secretary for Legal Affairs and was given a send off as Southwest District Youths also held their elections.

The assembly was attended by more than 200 MDC members, various executives from the MDC UK province, including as well as the Reading Conservative MP, Mr Rob Williams.

Provincial members: Vice chairman, Present Jameson Mashakada, Informaktionand Publicity Secretary, Mathew Nyashanu, Wopmen’s kchair, Ms Jennifer Moyo, Women’s secretary, Ms Bertina Siwela, Treasurer Tendayi Goneso and many other members were present.

The following Branch Chairs also represented their branches: Mr Morgen Mutasa (Bristol), Mr David Kadzutu (Woking and Guildford), Dadirai Matambanadzo (Highwycombe Slough), Mr Desmond Tinarwo (Bournemouth), Janet Ngulube (Reading), Rachel Lupafya (Southbeds), and Mr Katerere (Southampton). The following branches were also represented. Peterborough, Sothbeds, Wallsall, Birmingham,Hertfordshire and Southend on Sea.

Julius Muguwe, South West District, Organising Secretary, said Nyasha Banhire, Mr Peter Matsa, Mr Michael Mpofu, Mr Michael Mpofu, Nobuhle Mavhindidze, Mrs Lornar Chivandire, Mercy Mwakipesile, Stuart Masango, Joseph Banda, and Melody Dube were also present.

South West District Chairperson Mr Owen Muganda took reports from SW district branches, some very detailed and well-informed