Govt spends $1,5m in infrastructure rehabilitation

cash stack

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
THE Government has spent over $1,5 million rehabilitating infrastructure that was damaged by floods in the Midlands province.

Bridges and roads were damaged by the floods, cutting off communities especially in Mberengwa and Gokwe North from other areas. A total of $690 196 has been spent as part of the emergency road repairs programme in the province.

More than $900 000 has also gone towards the reclamation of a gully that was threatening to swallow some parts of Gokwe Town Centre.

Midlands Provincial Roads Engineer, Mr Stephen Kamutema, said the government’s emergency rehabilitation programme is going on well.

He said the reclamation of the massive gully that had cut through Gokwe-Chireya road and was threatening the Gokwe magistrate’s Court, the government complex and other buildings, is almost complete.

“We were facing this gully that had cut through the Gokwe-Chireya road. Over $900 000 has been put into its reclamation and we are almost done,” he said.

Gokwe Town Council Secretary Ms Melania Mandeya said the reclamation of the gully comes as a relief as they feared the worst if the gully was not contained.

“We want to thank the government for availing funds for the reclamation of the massive gully. As a local authority we could not go it alone,” she said.

District Development Fund (DDF) Midlands Provincial Coordinator, Mrs Molly Mapfumo, said road works in the province are ongoing.

“Midlands province has spent $690 196 55 on the emergency road repairs programme. For example, we undertook the rehabilitation of roads such as Manoti- Mbungu that had a budget of $240 000,” she said.

Mrs Mapfumo said some of the money was disbursed to urban councils and other road departments.