Mujuru ups 2018 election campaign, targets rural vote


BEITBRIDGE — National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru has upped her 2018 election campaign by targeting rural areas, long considered as Zanu PF strongholds, urging the electorate to dump the “uncaring” ruling party.


At the weekend, the former Vice-President addressed over 300 party supporters at Topolo business centre, 80km west of Beitbridge, where she urged the electorate to register as voters and vote out President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party in the upcoming general elections.

“We must be able to go in large numbers to vote Mugabe out. Organise each other, children must be registered when the (voter registration dates) have been announced,” she said.

She called on Diasporas to come back home and register in order for them to participate in next year’s

Mujuru accused Mugabe of “watering his long life with the tears of suffering Zimbabweans”, adding his misrule was responsible for breaking many families and marriages when people separate to seek employment in neighbouring countries.

She appealed to members of the State security services to ignore instructions to beat up people to sway their votes against their choices.

Earlier, Mujuru’s supporters had defied intimidation by security officials who discouraged them from attending the rally.

“We hear that a farm you were given by government for grazing has been taken by someone who gave it to his friend.
So what will the poor people do?” she asked in reference to a section of Shobi Block Farm, initially reserved for grazing, but was later allocated to State Security minister Kembo Mohadi’s South Africa-based friend.