Is Google’s “don’t be evil” mantra a publicity stunt? Customer is blamed for a substandard product


    I have always trusted Google as I perceived them to be a friendly company that cared for people more than money. Compared to Apple, I painted this picture of Google being perfect. On numerous occasions, I have recommended Google products to my friends thinking that Google will not be evil and treat them well. However, my perception of Google is now getting clouded and I find myself lurching closer to Apple. I have never owned an iPhone but I am now closer to owning one.\r\n\r\nAs a big android fan and like many others, I prefer my flavour of android pure, so I have a nexus phone (Nexus 5). I love my phone, regardless of the bugs Google has repeatedly failed to quash or introduced while trying to quash other bugs. To compliment my Nexus 5, I bought a Bumper Case from Google on the 25th of June this year, costing £24.99. Which in all honesty was overpriced but I bought it thinking Google would make a decent product, that I will be pleased with and will last me a long time. Unfortunately, my faith in Google was misplaced.\r\n\r\nThe bumper case has proved to be substandard and is already disintegrating after about 6 months of use. The first thing I noticed was discolouration but I ignored this because I thought my jeans were staining it but now I understand that is a problem with the case as many people who bought it have the same problem.\r\n\r\nYou can read and watch here what the experiences are for other purchasers of the bumper case. However, my biggest problemis that my case is coming apart as shown in the photos below. The glue (or whatever Google used) that holds the hard plastic on the back and the soft rubber on the side is coming apart. I contacted Google to highlight the problem and they asked me to send them photos of the bumper case so they can “help find the best possible solution.” It made me feel reassured we were getting somewhere, so I sent them photos of the case but the following day I received an email (see full email below) telling me that they would not be doing anything because I had damaged the case.\r\n“Hello \r\nI’ve just receive an answer from our hardware specialist pool.\r\nUnfortunately I’m not able to issue a refund, because the bumper is completely broken and this normally happens when some damages are inducted or the item wasn’t treated properly.\r\nIf you have any additional questions, please reply directly to this email and I’ll continue to assist you.”\r\n\r\nI tried to protest that I had not mistreated my case and I have never dropped my phone. I am very cautious with it, hence splashing out on the case but that was fruitless. It appears I hit a brick wall and the customer adviser refused to budge.\r\n“Hello,\r\nunfortunately I can’t go against consults. The response was based on photo evidences and I can’t issue a refund. I’m sorry for your disappointment.”\r\n\r\nI asked for an explanation what evidence the photos showed that I had not treated the bumper case properly and I also tried to make them aware of other issues with the case but they refused to budge saying,\r\n“Hi,\r\nI’m very sorry for this fact, but I’ve already received a answer and as I said before, unfortunately I can’t go against this.\r\nI apologize for any inconvenience.\r\nSincerely,”\r\n\r\nThis has left me with a much clouded view of Google and makes me question my loyalty to a company that clearly will not stick to what it preaches “don’t be evil”. Clearly there is some evil, if not just uncaring and unethical behaviour. Consequently, I won’t be spending my money on more Google products. The take home messages is, don’t buy Google, probably should have bought a Spigen case as they have better reviews.\r\n \r\nGoogle Play order number: 15731260465432498277.1500962078730451\r\nRe: [9-8744000005558] Your Google Play order update\r\n\r\nPhotos.\r\nIMG_20141222_212300 IMG_20141222_212319 IMG_20141222_212331 IMG_20141222_212344\r\n \r\n \r\n