Motlanthe 'no different to Mbeki' – COSATU

"We were slightly encouraged by ANC president Jacob Zuma’s position on the issue – he spoke publicly against Robert Mugabe.

"We are not quite excited by our current government led by comrade Motlanthe’s take on the issue," Vavi told a media briefing in Johannesburg.

"It is disappointing to say the least."

Vavi said Motlanthe could take decisive action by going public and saying that he was withdrawing South Africa’s acceptance of Mugabe as the legitimate president of Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) general secretary Wellington Chibebe said the path taken by Southern African Development Community leaders for an inclusive government in Zimbabwe was not going to improve the country’s economy.

"No international investor will pour any money into a government led by Mugabe," he said.

The ZCTU, with the support of Cosatu, called for a neutral authority to be put in place in Zimbabwe to oversee a new round of free and fair elections.

Asked who they had in mind to carry out these duties, Chibebe said a retired judge or retired Catholic bishop would do.