SADC leaders 'fail Zimbabweans' – Activists

Addressing the media in Johannesburg, Nixon Nyikadzino said it was unfortunate that Southern African Development Community leaders spent 14 hours in talks on Monday and came out with the same proposal that was made last year.

"It means that they condoning violence in Zimbabwe because they did not mention the abduction of people and torture."

Nyikadzino, who is also a member of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, said the leaders simply told the three Zimbabwean political parties to form a government of national unity.

According to a SADC statement on Tuesday, the Zimbabwean Parliament should be urged to pass Amendment 19 to the September power sharing agreement by February 5, followed by the swearing-in of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and deputy prime minister Arthur Mutambara by February 11, Robert Mugabe would remain president.

"There is an assumption that everything would not be okay, it is correct because they have accepted Robert Mugabe, a dictator, to continue. They have just considered the security of Mugabe and no ordinary people who are suffering," said Nyikadzino.

SA Police Service members were also criticised for the way they handled a protest outside the presidential guest house on Monday.

Police fired rubber bullets, injuring eight people in the protest organised by the Save Zimbabwe Now Campaign.