Conmen using Zimbabwe sob story to swindle

David Mbewe sent a well-written letter to Godfrey Woodley in Sheffield, claiming he has $8,000,000 he needs to get to England.

His family, so the story goes, were among the few black farmers forced out by ‘war veterans’ who murdered his father as  part of a state-approved grab of mainly white-owned farms.

Exiled in South Africa they now needed a ‘reliable and trustworthy person’ to help transfer their millions abroad – for a cut of 20 per cent.

The letter reads well and, as ever, seems to offer riches for nothing. But Godfrey, of College Court, Burngreave, Sheffield, was not fooled.

He said: "For the price of a load of second class stamps, paper and envelopes they must reckon it’s worth the chance that just one gullible soul will fall for it, hand over their bank details – and kiss their money goodbye."