Protesters breach security at SADC summit

The organisation began its protest outside the Union Buildings then moved to the presidential guest house in an attempt to hand over a memorandum of demands to President Kgalema Motlanthe.

It was not immediately known how the protesters had gained access to the secure compound.

Speaking from the back of a police minibus, one woman said that they were demanding their rights to be people.

"We are dying, this cholera is killing us. They are raping us day in and night. They are denying us food.

"They are refusing to just [let us] give a memorandum," she said.

As the minibus drove away, the woman shouted out the window that they would not stop the struggle.

The incident occurred just hundreds of metres away from where the SADC countries were locked in talks to find a solution to the political impasse in Zimbabwe.

This impasse had given rise to increasing poverty, the death of thousands due to cholera as well as an ailing agricultural and economic sector.