Starved, unsatisfied . . . bring it on!

YOU know there are women who after the adult game are always left lying awake and puzzled as they will have been left unfulfilled and still craving for more. Surprisingly when they check on their partners, they would have immediately fallen asleep showing that they would have gone to another planet.

It turns out that there are women being starved at their homes and without even mentioning orgasm, they do not even enjoy during sex. It has always looked like it’s about the man and not her. Though they are starved and always left in the middle of nowhere, it also becomes difficult to raise the issue as they fear hurting their man’s ego.

It becomes worse when your husband believes you will also be satisfied and never puts an effort to please you. All what should be understood is that most orgasms for women are clitoral in nature and men should make sure that during intercourse they rub against the clitoris. It becomes hard for a woman to reach climax without exacting the right pressure in the right place!

Anyway sisters, if you are one of those ladies who is always left hanging, I believe you should not bottle it up, but bring it on. Sex is not about one person getting satisfied, but two people. Of course at times some men justify their selfishness by claiming that naturally men climax much faster than women. Okay, if someone defends himself with that statement, then it’s high time you start leading his hands to your G-spots and he should learn to arouse his partner fully and begin the game almost at the same level. Remember, sex is more than just intercourse, and the time you allot to it should include the time to generate arousal both mentally and physically. Couples should engage in as much outer course as possible before intercourse! The more outer course you engage in, hopefully the higher your level of arousal and the closer you get to orgasm.

Keeping the problem to yourself will never help, so I will encourage you to bring the issue on the table. Pick a time when both of you are in a good mood and definitely when you are not in the middle of having sex. Phrase the problem as one you both have, not something that he is to blame for. For instance you can say, “I have been feeling unsatisfied lately with sex. Can we talk about how to make sure that it’s good for both of us?” is better than blaming him straight away. Get feedback from him and share tips on what you can do together to improve your sex life.

Remember, no man wants to be a failure in bed so chances are high that after such a talk, he will go an extra mile.

Also try to be more dominant in bed. If you want to feel good, you may have to start taking a more active role in bed.

If sex is something he primarily does while you lie there, that’s probably the hardest way to reach orgasm and enjoy for a woman. At times am just made to believe that most of these women who complain of dissatisfaction in bed never take the lead. Be the one to start the encounter with foreplay, rubbing your body against his in a way that you like and putting his hand where it needs to be. When intercourse starts, you be the one to choose the position. If you sense that he’s getting close before you are, stop for a minute and do something that feels good to you. It’s a lot of work, but he’s more likely to see what it is you need, and you are more likely to get it!

As a couple also play teacher and student (either on the same night or different nights). One night he gets to teach you how to make him feel great and one night you teach him. And be as strict as you can! If it’s not exactly right, tell him. Order him around. Be bossy in a sexual manner, but then let him do it to you on your night.

I believe many men don’t satisfy their wives simply out of ignorance. Many men believe their own sexual response is the norm — fast, easy to achieve. So a woman should figure out how to become a man in bed. Men may not have articulated that, but that’s the thought. It doesn’t work! Let him see what it is like to make you feel good, and what it does take and he may become more generous.

Talk, try new things in the bedroom giving it some time and hopefully you will soon be satisfied in bed!

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