Are scarves only for women?

Ann Ruthenburg Fashion
HELLO there everyone, I hope you had a great week. I am recovering from tonsillitis (swollen throat). . . a whole week down and out . . .! I need to take care of myself better this winter. With a little help from nature’s herbs, fruits and veggies, I am back with a bang. So this week as you can see, we are focusing on men wearing scarves. But more importantly, I want to help men wear their scarves more stylish this winter. 

I will not recommend a man to wear a scarf in summer, that it neither stylish nor masculine. However, the whole playing field changes in winter where men are allowed to exchange their ties or wear in combination with their ties — winter scarves. Yes, in winter and in fall (just before winter, which is around now), men will look absolutely dashing wearing different scarves, especially woollen ones. Of course, men can wear other synthetic material scarves, but be careful that you might wear a scarf that is too feminine looking.

So below are some simple ways in which you men can wear your scarves. By the way, women can wear their scarves the exact same way too, it all works.

My first way of tying a scarf is using the loop method. It is secure, yet stylish. Simply fold the scarf in half length-wise and wrap it around your neck, pulling the loose ends through the loop that was created by the fold.

My next method is the drape method. Drape the scarf around your neck, leaving one end shorter than the other. Wrap the longer end loosely around your neck once or, if you would like a more bundled look, wrap it around twice with both ends lying in the front. Allowing one end to be slightly longer than the other gives a more natural and spontaneous look, but the length can be adjusted to your preference.

My next method is what I call the tie method. You will be treating the scarf almost like a tie. Lay the scarf around your neck so both ends are even in the front. Bring one end over and under the other like a single knot. Drape the front end over the back and adjust length to your liking. This style can be worn loose, but also looks great when tucked into a blazer or a v-neck sweater.

There are so many ways men can wear their scarves, but here are three sophisticated looking ways of wearing them. Have fun this winter figuring out the different ways of wearing scarves, even better, ask your babe, sister, cousin, mother, friend etc,(as long as she is female) for ideas.

That is it from me folks, until next week, God bless.

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