Zanu PF member in court for attempted murder, assault


A 35-YEAR-OLD Zanu PF member yesterday appeared in court facing attempted murder and assault charges after he went on a rampage attacking people who were refusing to attend a political gathering.


Danmore Mapfumo of Epworth, who is also facing charges of assaulting police officers and resisting arrest, appeared before Harare magistrate, Barbara Chimboza, who advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

It is the State’s case that on April 2 this year at around midday, the complainant, Osman Chakaoma, was at his workplace repairing shoes when Mapfumo arrived in the company of seven others.

It is alleged Mapfumo asked Chakaoma why he had not attended a Zanu PF meeting, which was being held in the area.

The complainant replied that he would attend the meeting after finishing what he was doing.

The State alleges a misunderstanding ensued and Mapfumo then assaulted Chakaoma with a log several times on the stomach and hands resulting in him falling to the ground. It is alleged Mapfumo and his accomplices stole Chakaoma’s Samsung S6 cellphone and $135 cash.

After the assault, Chakaoma proceeded to Epworth Police Station and lodged a report. He was referred to Harare Central Hospital, where he is currently admitted.

After assaulting Chakaoma, Mapfumo and his accomplices met Jani Mukwati, whom they allegedly attacked for the same reason. According to the State, Mukwati was on his way home from work when he met Mapfumo and his accomplices, who are still at large. It is alleged Mapfumo ordered Mukwati to join their group and proceed to a Zanu PF meeting.

The State said Mukwati told Mapfumo he was going to join them after he had left his goods at his home, but this angered the accused, who then assaulted him with open hands, fists and logs all over his body. After the assault, Mukwati proceeded to Epworth Police Station to report the matter, leading to Mapfumo’s arrest.

The allegations against Mapfumo opened another can of worms, as the police reopened cases against him, which were committed in 2015.

It is the State’s case that on November 10, 2015, a Constable Chipuka was on duty when Hamson Shadaya, who is the complainant in an assault case against Mapfumo, informed him that the suspect was attending a meeting in Epworth.

Chipuka and a Constable Sunduza went to the area. It is alleged upon arrival, they tried to arrest Mapfumo, but he resisted and assaulted the officers with stones and fists before he fled the scene.

Mapfumo is also accused of assaulting Makona Takawana in the Chimurenga area, Epworth, during the allocation of residential stands on October 17 last year.

Francisca Mukumbiri appeared for the State.