Give your life meaning

Just for this once, let me divert a bit from talking to you, my readers about relationships, and talk to you about giving your life a meaning. I do understand that we are living in hard times which the Bible calls end times. A lot is happening and a lot of us are discouraged. I am not sure if there has been a generation before with such discouraged people. I am not even sure if there has been a generation before with so many backslidden young believers.

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I am really not sure, but the depth of discouragement around us is now alarming and a cause for concern. Many of us do not see any good with our own lives and because of this we live below par and live recklessly. I intend showing you a few things today, hoping you will be helped.

Embrace the truth

Your life becomes a tragedy the moment you take your eyes off the truth and begin to embrace a lie. You can never build anything meaningful based on a lie. Many of us have listened to and given room to lies about us. Your background lies about you. The current situations lie to you about your future and ability.

Your success in this life is not based on your background or your current economic conditions, your politics or even religion. Your success is not even based on the colour of your skin or your geography. Many of us are trying to build life based on these lies and we have failed dismally and we are so discouraged.

The day you will shift from lies to truth, you will see change in your life. Only the truth can give meaning to your life. Only the truth can fully deliver you. Only the truth can give you hope and strength to fight.

When you have the truth, you are fighting from victory and in victory. When you walk in a lie, you are fighting from nothing and in nothing. Beloved, I challenge you to be a people who seek the truth and the truth about you is found in Christ and nowhere else.

I am not going to give you that truth here today, but I expect you to get onto a journey of building life on the truth.

Attach your life to a goal

Many people live without goals. They have no focus for their lives. They attach their lives to things and circumstances. This is the tragedy of many lives today. Your life cannot be driven by things but by a goal that you work towards. A goal gives you direction and allows you to take life step by step.

Life requires order, beloved. Life without a goal is a disorderly life and will give you more pain than you expect.

Life is not about pursuing things. When your life is based on things, you lose shape because you are tossed around. You follow any wind as it blows.

Have you not seen such people who chase shadows and think they are living? You might make a few dollars in your chase, but you are not living your life. You are losing it and before you know it you are at a dead end.

Many people are afraid of planning their lives. They give a lot of excuses. They justify failure and foolishness.

Beloved, life works better with a plan, with a goal.

There are many reasons for our painful life in the so-called Third World. Some of them are not of our own making, but the biggest ones are all by us and about us. Unplanned lives are a reason for poverty in many families and communities.

Lives without goals and purposes perpetuate the cycle of poverty from one generation to another. I have worked in different communities and I can defend my opinion here because I have seen so many aimless lives.

When your life has no goal you tend to do anything and believe anything. Mediocrity and suffering in Africa can be minimised if we gave our lives meaning.

In Africa we have embraced too much of colonial and apartheid lies, so much we cannot do anything, but cry and disintegrate into junk. This is why African leaders will always cry about colonialism, instead of moving forward with their nations.

It has become a trap because they believe their failures are due to the past imbalances. It’s a lie that we believe and it sabotages our current and denies us our future.

In Africa we have believed so much lies by our own cultures and traditions and we have become slaves. Our religions and our politics also lie to us and we have believed. These rob us of meaning and purpose in life. But you can excel in the midst of all this if you knew the eternal truth about yourself.

You see, “good” life cannot just remain a dream for you. It must be a reality and you are the main actor in your life.

It is not others, but you. The day you will make a decision to arise and walk out of that lie into the truth of your life, you would have overcome. I am not sure what you are waiting for.

In 2 Kings 6, in the Bible there is a great story of four lepers, outcasts, living by the city gate and destined for dust bins by their conditions and society.

The four men decided, despite their circumstances to give meaning to their lives. They stood up and walked towards enemy land and suddenly brought a great victory for the whole nation of Israel.

You can give meaning to your life yourself. Make a decision. You have stayed for too long in that cave. Walk out and discover the value you hold in this life.

Well it is all about choice, don’t you think so?

  • Sam Reader

    Love the sentiment “A goal gives you direction and allows you to take life step by step.” I think in a world that’s so noisy, attaching yourself to things that are meaningful and that you want to change while you’re on this planet for such a short time, is a way of truly contributing positively before you leave!

    Also, your point about discovering the truth – validated learning is the surest most rational way to go about this; don’t believe the “hear-say” or for the ‘convenience’ that it fits your view of the world. Challenge yourself and others.

    Great article!