Zanu PF Chairpersons off to China for re-education


    Before their departure, Zanu PF Chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo and incoming Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Lin Lin met at the party headquarters in the capital.

    Ambassador Moyo applauded the ever growing China-Zimbabwe relations saying the visit is confirmation that the two countries are building into the future.

    Ambassador Lin Lin also expressed hope that his tenure in Zimbabwe as a representative of the Asian nation will be successful as he builds on an excellent cooperation record previously accorded to his predecessors.

    The head of delegation, Thokozile Mathuthu said the provincial chairpersons hope to learn a lot from the success that their CPC counterparts have built in their country.

    Zanu PF and the CPC have built solid relations which date back to the days of the liberation struggle. 

    Over the years, these bilateral relations have resulted in the strengthening of economic ties resulting in the Asian nation investing heavily in Zimbabwe.