Zimbabwe UK Asylum activist detained while reporting

As spokesperson said she had received a call from Phiri, alerting her that he has been detained at Beckett House.

“I only spoke to him for about three minutes and the phone cut off. He told me that he has been detained at Beckett House whilst reporting.

“I then called back his phones were all withed off. I am hoping that he calls back and updates us,” she.

In the mean time activists have planned to meet tomorrow after the demo for the right for asylum seekers to work which also being held in London.

“We can plan our way forward at that demo,” said a spokesman, adding that Luka has been doing a lot of good work in the refugee and asylum seeker community.

Phiri was on the management committee of the Zimbabwe Vigil which has been arranging demostrations outside the Zimbabwe High Commission in London for more than six years.

More information, 0794 0437 496.

SOURCE: www.Changezimbabwe.com