Zanu (PF) Meets To Decide Draft Constitution

Harare, – Zanu (PF) politburo meets Wednesday to finalise its audit of the draft constitution.\r\n

President Mugabe’s party has in the three weeks held marathon meetings ostensibly to discuss as well as audit the draft amid swirling speculation in Harare Zanu (PF) hardliners want it rejected when brought before a national referendum tentatively set for October this year.

Rugare Gumbo said the party will come with a final decision after Wednesday’s politburo. “A decision will be announced after our politburo,” said Gumbo.

It is understood the militaristic hardliners want elections held under the present Lancaster House constitution, which is said is favourable to a Zanu (PF) victory.

The Zanu (PF) politburo has expressed objections over devolution of power, the establishment of a Constitutional Court, the deployment of defence forces outside the country  needing parliamentary approval, a national peace and reconciliation commission, the restructuring of the Attorney-General’s Office and creation of Prosecutor General, nomination of presidential running mates, among other issues.