MDC leadership still locked up in high level brainstorming

The eyes and ears of Zimbabweans and Zimbabwe watchers in different parts of the world are focused on the meeting, hoping that it will come up with decisions or resolutions to shed light on the country’s future.

However, the meeting is being held under a veil of secrecy away from the prying eyes of state security agents, following concerns by the party leadership of a ‘growing number of unexplained and damaging leaks’.

There is a difference of opinion within the leadership, something that the MDC takes pride in as a democratic party, but the state media is alleging there are serious divisions within the party.

Party spokesman Nelson Chamisa laughed off suggestions by the Herald of these divisions, saying Zimbabweans will not be hoodwinked by shrill propaganda from a discredited newspaper that has lost its credibility.

‘Since Saturday, the allegations have ranged from false stories that the MDC Secretary-General Tendai Biti, is plotting to oust Morgan Tsvangirai – to laughable claims that the MDC President has summoned the top leadership of the party to South Africa to mend non-existent rifts within the top hierarchy of the party,’ Chamisa said.

The Kuwadzana legislator said Zimbabweans know that the only political divisions that exist are in ZANU PF, where contrived accidents and succession disputes and factionalism are a reality and not fiction.

‘The Herald has obviously mistaken the MDC for ZANU PF where internecine succession battles have wrought deep rifts, mistrust and suspicion across the length and breadth of the dying party,’ Chamisa added.

Political analyst Glen Mpani said ZANU PF and Robert Mugabe should not be fooled into thinking all was not well in the MDC, as suggested by its propaganda.

‘The MDC holds the key to problems in Zimbabwe. Mugabe knows it and so does anyone who cares to follow Zimbabwe politics. Yes people will differ in any organization, but that should not be taken as a weakness or divisions. It is healthy but look who can stand up in ZANU PF and tell Mugabe that they don’t agree with him? asked Mpani.

Mpani said he believed at the end of the day the MDC will remain committed to finding a peaceful resolution to the country’s crisis. This will depend however on how far Mugabe will go in trying to resolve outstanding issues that have stalled the Global Political Agreement.

There are reports that the South African President Kgalema Monthlante is working on a proposal for negotiators from all parties to meet and thrash out the issue of governors, ambassadors and permanent secretaries, while leaving the contentious cabinet portfolios to the principals for discussion. SOURCE: SW Radio Africa