ZIFA CEO arrested over Musona defamation


    The ZIFA CEO was picked up on allegations of criminal defamation while coming out of court for his kidnapping and extortion trial at the Harare Magistrates Court.

    The criminal defamation allegations are reported to have arisen from an incident in which Mashingaidze is reported of having accused national team players; Knowledge Musona and Ovidy Karuru of visiting the premises of the subject of investigations in the Asiagate scandal.

    Police Spokesperson CID Detective, Chief Inspector Augustine Zimbiri confirmed Mashingaidze’s arrest, adding that he was released after being recorded a warned and cautioned statement and police will continue by way of summons.

    Meanwhile, ZIFA President, Cuthbert Dube has expressed disappointment at the latest development, saying Mashingaidze was literally ambushed but hinted the allegations will not stop his organisation from bringing the Asiagate probe to its logical conclusion.

    Controversial issues continue to haunt the national game which many believe has resulted in the game’s decline.