Battle of power station rages

The power station is currently controlled by ZESA but has been facing acute operational challenges. 

On the other hand, the city council argues that it can run the thermal power station better as it has financial partners who can fund its resuscitation.

Harare City Council Public Relations Manager, Mr Leslie Gwindi said efforts have been made to engage the power utility on the issue. 

Mr Gwindi added that council is better placed to run the thermal power station.

“We believe that we have the capacity to run the thermal power station. ZESA has failed us so many times and we have engaged partners who can fund the retooling process,” Mr Gwindi said.

ZESA Holdings Public Relations Manager, Mr Fullard Gwasira however refuted Gwindi’s claims, adding that no such official communication has been made by the city fathers. 

He said legally, ZESA has the mandate to run the power station and has already set aside US$54 million for refurbishment process.

“We have not received any communication, we have only read it in the papers but no council official has approached us,” said Mr Gwasira.

Though ZESA has the legal mandate to run power stations, concerns have been raised over the power utility’s seriousness in addressing the problem as no explanation has been found as to why thermal power stations are operating below capacity yet the country is exporting coal. 

When operating at full capacity, the Harare Thermal Power Station has the potential to generate 80 megawatts a day.