Jealous arsonist jailed

A 41-YEAR-OLD man in Manicaland will spend the next 30 months behind bars after being convicted of malicious damage to property.


Lameck Nyahanana (41), from Musewe village in Mutasa district, was jailed for three years by magistrate Innocent Bepura found him guilty of setting his girlfriend’s home ablaze in a fit of jealous rage.

Six months were suspended on condition Nyahanana restitutes the complainant, Sikhuluhle Sibindi, $1 500 by May 30.

Nyahanana was charged with contravening Section 4(1) of the Domestic Violence Act Chapter 5:16: “Malicious damage to property”.

It was the State’s case that Nyahanana on March 12, 2017 saw the complainant standing with another man at the shops in the afternoon and started accusing her of cheating.

During the night on the same day the accused followed the complainant to her homestead and he demanded entry into her hut or he would burn down the hut in which she was with her children.

Under pressure, Sibindi allowed Nyahanana in who then became violent forcing the complainant to flee.

Nyahanana then set the home on fire and household property valued at $2 000 went up in smoke.

Fletcher Karombe prosecuted.