No Alternative to Power Sharing – Guebuza

At an end of year reception given to the diplomatic corps, Guebuza pointed out that peace and stability are key factors for the success of regional integration in SADC (Southern African Development Community). For that reason, Mozambique was committed to helping solve the crises in Zimbabwe and in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

He said he is convinced that in Zimbabwe there is no alternative to the power sharing between ZANU-PF and the MDC envisaged in the agreement that was signed in September between ZANU-PF President Robert Mugabe, and the leaders of the two MDC factions, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthurd Mutambara.

"We are convinced that only when the inclusive government, envisaged under the overall political agreement of September, takes office and is fully operational, will Zimbabwean political leaders be able to implement the solutions they adopted in that agreement to overcome the challenges they identified", said Guebuza.

"For us, under the present conditions of Zimbabwe, there is no ideal alternative to implementing this agreement", he added.

As for the DRC, Guebuza called for an end to the conflict raging in the east of the country between the Congolese army, and forces loyal to the renegade general Laurent Nkunda. He reiterated Mozambican support for the Nairobi Declaration on the conflict in eastern Congo, and urged the warring parties "to give their full cooperation towards the end of hostilities and the end of the humanitarian crisis".

Guebuza said that the crises that have shaken the world in 2008 "demand concerted and coordinated action by the entire international community, since scattered and isolated acts may perpetuate or worsen these problems".

An awareness that problems tend to spread and become global concerns "constantly feeds and consolidates the new paradigm of development based on global partnerships between states, and galvanized by international organizations, such as the United Nations system, and by regional organizations, in a model of increasingly efficient multilateral cooperation", he continued. 

The Mozambican government was therefore convinced that "only joint action, involving all countries, regardless of their economic position, can over the medium and long terms provide sustainable solutions in favour of the well-being of our peoples".

In Africa, Guebuza stressed commitment "to our collective undertaking to the political, economic and social integration of our continent". 

He stressed in particular the need to strengthen the African Union’s conflict prevention and resolution mechanisms, to step up social and economic development, and "to consolidate democratic culture and practices".