Luthando Mapepa  In Chipinge
A 47-YEAR-old Chipinge man has developed breasts, which are bigger than those of an average woman.

Joseph Mlambo who resides in Clearwater, Chipinge district had to visit one leading church: The Heaven on Earth Life Ministries (HOELM) led by Prophet Tapiwa Gapara in Chipinge to seek divine intervention after he started growing the breasts.

Mlambo’s problem became a topical issue in Chipinge and on social network sites this week when his pictures went viral while he was receiving divine intervention at Pastor Gapara’s shrine at Goldfields in Chipinge recently.

Since visiting the man of cloth in mid February when the problem started, his condition has now stabilised and the breasts have since shrunk.

However, Mlambo dismissed some reports doing the rounds that his condition is a result of promiscuous and adulterous behaviour as claimed on social media and by gossip in a recorded testimony at Heaven on Earth Life Ministries on Sunday.

Mlambo said his breasts started to grow after having been diagnosed with a disease which he did not mention in the live testimony video which this paper has in possession.

Said Mlambo: “My breasts started to ache early February after I was diagnosed with a disease. I visited a doctor at Chipinge District Hospital who took my blood samples and then he changed my medication. He told me that my problem may be a result of the tablets that I was taking.

“After taking the new tablets, my breasts started to grow rapidly and I experienced pain. I became bed-ridden.

“One of my relatives who is a member of the Prophet Gapara’s church advised my wife to visit the church. We visited Prophet Gapara during one of the sermons which was held at Goldfields where I tabled my problem to him. He sprayed my breasts using an oil of testimony and within 12 hours my condition improved and I started vomiting rare things.

“My condition has improved and I am now eating food and walking properly again. Contrary to what social media and the community is saying, I have never committed adultery,” said Mlambo.

Prophet Gapara’s spokesperson Pastor Harshly Kafura, dismissed reports which were spreading to the effect that Mlambo was bewitched because of adultery.

“Right now our church can safely say Mlambo is in the process of deliverance after receiving prayers from Prophet Gapara. In his message from God, the prophet never mentioned about any cheating incident having been committed by Mlambo. These are spiritual attacks that can occur to any human being. Mlambo is going to meet the prophet one- on-one so that the Prophet can reveal what happened to him,” he said.

Kafura said he wanted to apologise to the Mlambo family for over pictures which went viral on social media.

“The Heaven on Earth Life Ministries would like to apologise to Mlambo’s family on the issue of pictures which went viral. Yes the pictures were taken from the church but we don’t know how the photos went viral,” said Kafura.

Commenting on Mlambo’s condition, Manicaland traditional medicine practitioners committee chairperson Mr James Gabaza said the development of breasts on males can be a result of revenge.

“In our culture when a men grows breasts, we believe that its revenge by someone after committing something which is socially unacceptable such as adultery or stealing someone’s property,” he said.

However, according to modern science, men breasts occur when the chest is exposed to a high oestrogens to testosterone ratio. Low testosterone level in men can sometimes lead to a condition called gynecomastia, or the development of breasts. It is caused by an imbalance of the body’s hormones in men.