NRZ sues Bulawayo company over $14 000 rental arrears


STRUGGLING parastatal, the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has sued a Bulawayo company for over $14 000, which it is owed as part of rental arrears for the property it leased since 2014.


In summons filed with the Bulawayo High Court last week against Somevest Enterprises (PVT) Limited and its two co-principal directors, Herbert Anigwe and Ndanatsei Munatsi, the NRZ is demanding payment of the total sum of $14 138,70.

In its declaration of the suit, NRZ submitted that on August 19 2014, the parties entered into a lease agreement in terms of which the company was to occupy shop number 2 QV House along Fife Street and 9th Avenue Bulawayo. The lease was to commence on March 2016 and the parties agreed that rentals would be paid every month.

“It was in terms of their agreement that in the event of default by the defendants and plaintiff will initiate legal proceedings, the defendants shall pay costs on the legal practitioner-client scale,” read the declaration.
“In breach of the lease agreement, the defendant has refused, failed and or neglected to pay rentals amounting to $14 138,70 as at August 16 2016.”

NRZ added: “Wherefore plaintiff claim for cancellation of the lease agreement entered into by between the parties on August 2014 and any other subsequent addenda due to breach by defendants. Eviction of the first defendant and all who hold title through the defendant from shop 2 QV House Fife Street and 9th Avenue Bulawayo.”

The parastatal further demanded payment of damages by defendant from February 1 2017 to date of eviction, being $800 and owner’s charges and attributes share of 2,18% of the total costs per month and the costs of suit on an attorney and client scale.