Zimbabwe man caught smuggling drugs in Australia


    The 45-year-old man was singled out for a baggage check by officials at Perth airport after arriving on a flight from South Africa on Wednesday.

    The Australian Customs Service said that, during questioning, officers became suspicious that the man could be concealing drugs internally and an X-ray indicated he was carrying a number of foreign objects in his stomach.

    "It will be alleged in court that the man passed a total of 91 packages containing approximately 800 grams (1,76 pounds) of powder believed to be heroin," Customs said in a statement.

    The man is due to face Perth Magistrates Court later Friday charged with the importation of a marketable quantity of a border-controlled drug, heroin.

    The maximum penalty for this offence is 25 years imprisonment and/or a A$550 000 (about R3-million) fine