BCC sued over impounded vehicle

A Bulawayo resident has sued the Bulawayo City Council after his vehicle was impounded by a municipal police officer on allegations of pirating.


Martin Moyo

Martin Moyo

Maxwell Mujikwa filed an urgent chamber application at the Bulawayo High Court on Wednesday citing town clerk, Christopher Dube and mayor, Martin Moyo as respondents.

In his founding affidavit, Mujikwa said on January 11 he was driving a Honda Fit in the city, when he was arrested by a municipal police officer, who accused him of pirating.

“I denied the offence and protested my innocence, but first respondent’s officers were not prepared to listen to me. They told me that I was guilty of a plethora of charges most of which were said to have been committed some time back. I was puzzled because I was innocent and to make things worse, how could the first respondent officers arrest me and find me guilty before taking me to court,” he submitted. “My vehicle was impounded and towed away. On January 12, 2017, I went to check what I needed to do since I had been found guilty before I could be taken to court and the first respondent told me that I needed to pay the fines or else my vehicle will not leave the council yard.”

Mujikwa said he ended up paying fines amounting to $480, which included towing fees.

“I expected to be given my vehicle back, but the first respondent told me that they needed to teach me a lesson and that they will not release the car until they feel I have been punished adequately. Indeed they meant what they said and did not release my vehicle,” submitted Mujikwa. “I went to report to the police and the police tried to engage them, but that made things worse and the respondent is now refusing to talk to me (sic).”

He said this left him with no option, but to seek recourse from the courts.

“It is apparent that the respondents have taken the law into their hands and this is a clear deprivation of rights,” he submitted.